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Pelion the centurions mountain, is one of the , if not the one, area in Greece that is famous for its exceptional beauty and  breath taking landscape  along with a  unique architectural  spirit that takes shape on the way the houses the churches and the public buildings are constructed.
LAFKOS , MILINA, AND PROMIRI  villages is the prefecture  of SIPIADA. For the admirers of mythology  the PERFECTURE OF SIPIADA  ,takes its name from the myth of NIRIIDAS THETIS AND PILEOUS. THETIS hounded from the blind love towards PILEAS  was  transformed  from fire to a lion to a snake to a squid ( sipia  in greek)  in her attempt to avoid PILEAS. PILEAS  though caught after her and their marriage produced  the legendary  ACHILLEAS.
LAFKOS is situated on the southern part of PELION 50 km away from VOLOS, and is a place of unique beauty where nature and human civilization are in equilibrium. The village is build on a hill 330 m high, it provides a panoramic view of the GULF OF PAGASITIKOS , the small uninhabited islands of the gulf, and the port village of MILINA.

THE village of LAFKOS has kept its  traditional architecture  from the small houses of the local people to the large estates and quest houses. The quest house is only few meters away frem the village square , in our area  is worth seen the MONASTERY OF SAINT ATHANASIOS, which was build  in 1795, the FAMPAS  museum at the village square, to walk around LAFKOS and enjoy nature. Few minutes away are the villages of ARGALASTI, NEOCHORI, MILIES, VIZITSA, PINAKATES, SAINT GEORGE, TRIKERI. LAFKOS IS SITUATED  also in A close distance from the beaches of the PAGASITIKOS GULF and THE  AEGEAN SEA driving time 15 minutes.


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