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The “House of Colors”, is an idea of its owner which started of trying to find a suitable place to house his art collection, the place was found in LAFKOS village in an old 1861 house which was restored for this purpose , along came the idea to use it as a quest house too.  That way the quests and the visitors would have had the opportunity to admire and initiate themselves in the art and history of Thessaly in a special place where art meets history.
In Lafkos village at the HOUSE OF COLORS   the art work , paintings and copper engravings are exhibited permanently  , for our quests and visitors.  Unique paintings and copper engravings from the CHRISTOS FOTOU  art collection which was exhibited in 1998 at the village of MAKRINITSA.


CHRISTOS FOTOU a lawyer  and a  historic scholar of the Thessaly region  has gathered after a long and time consuming effort, paintings ang engravings about the Thessaly region and specifically of the MAGNESIA STATE.  Along with 1000 books older and newer that have been written from famous writers of our region such as G. FAMPAS, S.TRIADAFILIDIS, D. SARATSIS, G KORDATOS, K.MAKRIS. M. MOURTSOPOULOS, N. KOLIOU,  G. THOMAS, K.LIAPHS, M. KARATHANOU,X.CHARITOS.

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